Ever since Benjamin Holt produced his first horse-drawn harvester in the late 1800’s, HOLT Manufacturing has been building the products that move industries, and you, forward.

Benjamin Holt

The Holt name has been associated with a heritage of innovation for more than 100 years.

HOLT Manufacturing owners, Peter J. Holt and Corinna Holt Richter, are direct descendants of Benjamin Holt, who revolutionized farming in the late 1800’s with the Holt Combined Harvester and then in 1904 developed the first successful track-type tractor, which he named the "Caterpillar."


Innovation is EVERYTHING

Within HOLT Manufacturing and the family of Holt companies, innovation has meant everything from the original Caterpillar track-type tractor to today’s Spray King® watertTanks, engine and generator packaging, root plows, custom attachments, and special application machines.

Values-Based Leadership

As with all Holt companies, HOLT Manufacturing is proud to employ the Values-Based Leadership™ management style, which connects employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders in a circle of involvement — so the activities of one group directly benefit the others. The process defines success in terms of managing by a set of ethical values. And our entire community of stakeholders has benefitted in a very real way by following such a process — not only by way of significant sales growth, but also a spirit of shared responsibility and tradition.

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A Pride You Can See.
A Pride You Can Feel.

HOLT Manufacturing’s values date all the way back to the incredible work ethic of Benjamin Holt. Centered around a belief in unmatchable customer service, Benjamin Holt instilled many of the values that still live within HOLT Manufacturing to this day.


Benjamin Holt developed “link belt” combined harvesters in the late 1880’s. By the turn of the century, Holt Manufacturing was the largest combine manufacturer in America and was exporting to countries around the world.

Finding that heavy farm equipment bogged down in the loose soil of the San Joaquin River Delta in California, Holt put his inventive mind to work again. In 1904, Holt Manufacturing introduced the first successful track-type tractor, which they named the "Caterpillar." Its continued success was assured once Holt found a way to power it with a gasoline engine in 1908.

As the company grew...

In 1925, Holt Manufacturing Company merged with one of its longtime competitors to form Caterpillar Tractor Company. Today, Caterpillar, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment.

In 1933, William K. “Bill” Holt, Benjamin’s second son, established the William K. Holt Machinery Co. in San Antonio, Texas, as a Caterpillar equipment dealership. The need for innovation was apparent in Texas. Regular requests for the design and fabrication of customized attachments for Cat machines is what first established Holt in the manufacturing business more than 80 years ago.

Seeing the need for specialized land-clearing equipment, Bill Holt encouraged the development of the Holt root plow during the 1940’s. In quick succession he developed other brush management implements and today HOLT land-clearing equipment is sold all over the world, a tribute to the second generation of Holt ingenuity.

Over the years, this custom design and manufacturing has included specialized tools, modifications to existing products, and development of unique products for unique customer applications.

That Legacy Today

Today, the original William K Holt Machinery company is known as HOLT CAT, the largest Caterpillar equipment dealership in the United States. HOLT CAT sells, rents and services Caterpillar machines, engines and generator sets in a 118-county territory in Texas. HOLT Manufacturing is a part of a growing family of companies that are a part of Holt Texas, Ltd., whose name has become synonymous with quality, integrity and commitment to customer service.

The HOLT Manufacturing company name lives on through Benjamin Holt’s direct descendants and a team who believe in his original values and vision. The innovation that started with linked belts and self-laying tracks also continues on through modern technology and advances.

That’s How Reputations Are Forged.